A home’s basement and exterior foundation are critical because the foundation of our house holds up our life. For the majority of us, our home in the single greatest asset we own. We spend most of our time in and around our home, it’s our sanctuary, it’s where we have everyday family experiences and it’s our investment. At Blue Circle Contracting Inc., we want our clients to enjoy their home and reap the benefits of a sound growing investment. The basement constitutes 25% – 33% of our home living space and where we pack our memories, our HVAC and electrical systems and in many cases, where children play. Water penetration generally occurs in the basement and can cause thousands of dollars in damage and it’s expensive to fix.

Foundations are made of poured concrete, concrete blocks, bricks and in some cases natural stone. The ground where foundations are laid is naturally wet, and during the spring rain or after harsh icy winters, the foundation is flushed with water. Most people are surprised to know that concrete is naturally porous allowing water to penetrate. Where water penetrates, we get deterioration and eventually we get water penetration into the home, causing interior damage and mould. Fortunately, there are protective barriers that can be applied to foundations but the barriers do not last forever and can easily damage causing penetration. Many homes are over 20 years old and the materials have changed dramatically since then.


If you answer yes to any of these questions, you need to call us for a free inspection:

1.  You are planning any interior or exterior renovations or landscaping in the next few years

2.  Your neighbors rebuilt their home and disturbed the underground water flow that could impact your basement

3.  Your waterproofing is over 15 years old or you don’t know when it was done

4.  You have a damp or musty smell in your basement


Don’t ignore the signs of water damage. Seeing any water seepage or smelling any musty odors means you should take precaution. We can help to prevent an unexpected catastrophe and ultimately save your home and prevent an expensive loss. If you know ahead where the pitfalls lie, it’s easy to avoid them. Consider bringing a waterproofing professional at the early stages of a project. It’s all about planning and prevention.

Get a risk-free assessment from a trusted waterproofing professional today. Call us at 416.698.1021.