Our Process

Collaboration and communication are the keys to our success. Each member of our team and our homeowners play an important role in the outcome of each project.

At Blue Circle we use a Quality Assurance Process. We don’t leave it to chance that your project will be completed safely on time, on budget, and contains all the quality materials and workmanship you expected. Each step is taken to ensure we deliver a great design and problem solve early in the process. All this is done so that you can have a knowledgeable experience before, during and after the project.

STEP 1: Comprehensive Consultation

It starts with you and an understanding what you want to accomplish. We take the time to understand the purpose of the project and how it fits in your lifestyle and future plans. This enables us to bring all our experience to recommend the right design, materials and project plan for your present budget and future goals.

STEP 2: Team Review and Collaboration

With our team of expert trades, we review the project and collaborate on possibilities, identify any potential risks early in the process. This generates the best set of designs and materials to meet your needs. It enables us to create an accurate budget and project timeline that nearly eliminates surprises.

STEP 3: Detailed Proposal and Agreement

More than just a few checkboxes and a list of conditions – the proposal outlines the design options, timelines, investment and special considerations or scenarios that may occur throughout the project (remember we strive to eliminate surprises).

STEP 4: Client Preparation and Project Scheduling

Upon final contract agreement, you will receive our documentation process to prepare for our arrival. This documentation outlines what you should expect during construction process, emergency contact info, design change process, etc.

STEP 5: Detailed Working Plans

The on-site team receives a detailed work plan before they get on-site. This will improve efficiency, minimize errors and prevents delays.

STEP 6: Multiple Inspections and Reports

At the end of each phase of the project, an inspection is conducted to ensure the work is done to specification. Any workmanship issues can be address early (and less expensively), any design changes can be addressed and nothing is hidden “behind the backfill or wall”. We inspect before, during and after the project.

STEP 7: The “Unexpected”

We are aware that despite all our efforts and best intentions, unexpected changes and delays can happen. Because we have taken the time to understand you and the project, we are able to respond better and sooner.

STEP 8: Final Inspection

Walk through with the client to ensure that we have delivered to you expectation or better deal with any minor or major discrepancies, share the inspection reports and pictures and final sign-off of completed work.

STEP 9: Post Project Inspection

30-60 days after the project completion, we’ll return to ensure the project has settled and grown in the way we expected.