During Construction

During your project, communication is essential to a successful outcome. Your foreman and your project manager are the two key people that will address your questions and concerns.

While it is not pleasant, dust and noise are an inevitable reality with any type of construction. Every reasonable effort will be taken to keep the jobsite in a clean and respectable manner at the end of each working day.

Once our team begins the process of construction on your site, we will do our best to continue a daily forward momentum. Certain situations can cause setbacks beyond our control. These could be but are not limited to: inclement weather, strikes, inspections, contract changes, supplier delays, and the client decision making process. We will prepare you for our projected timeline at the time of contract signing. The timeline will be based on reasonable working weather and any time loss due to bad weather.

Utility locates are completed prior to the start of the job and will be repeated as necessary. Despite these precautions, there are times when an interruption of service can occur. It is extremely difficult to locate all existing underground utilities; your sprinklers, outdoor lighting, and cable could be at risk. It is important that you tell us if you are experiencing issues with any of your services immediately.


  • Clear and free access to the working area
  • Unlocked gates and a clear path to access the working area
  • Permission to enter neighbouring property if necessary
  • Access to hydro and water
  • Permits or drawings if you are supplying


  • Turn your irrigation system OFF.
  • Restrict the movements of your family, guests, neighbours and pets within 
the construction zone. This is for their protection and personal safety.
  • Continue to cut your lawn and water areas of your property that are 
unaffected by construction.
  • Contract changes and extras must be authorized before they can occur.